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Mutts at WXRT Studios - Richard showed us the CBS bunker
“Dialed down but certainly as intense as some of their previous harder rocking efforts, the new Mutts release has some of the bands best songwriting and a sweet reworking of “Prizefighter” which you first heard on Local Anesthetic off a Mike Maimone solo disc in 2008. Maimone is the keyboardist, vocalist and principal songwriter in Mutts but bassist Bob Buckstaff and drummer Chris Pagnani make the music swing. And sway. I describe the Mutts sound on Object Permanence as late-night cabaret meets Tom Waits meets Kurt Weill in a Wiemar Republic speakeasy. It’s already perched itself as one of the Anesthetic Best of ’13. Enjoy.” – Richard Milne
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Object Permanence is Here!

Mutts - Object Permanence
Object Permanence vinyl and CD image

Object Permanence has arrived:
- Download it free through the end of April.
- The CD comes in a super-classy gate fold recycled wallet.
- It’s also available on limited edition, audiophile grade 180g gold-translucent vinyl.

And check our schedule for a Spring full of release celebration shows and appearances, starting April 4th at the Hideout Inn in Chicago.

Separation Anxiety LP Releases

Mutts - Separation Anxiety LP Releases

Thursday, August 2nd

2648 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL
8:00pm | 17+ | $5

Directions | Facebook Event

To commemorate the release of our follow-up LP, Separation Anxiety, on CD and split-color Mending Wall vinyl we’re visiting all (or most) of our favorite Midwestern spots to play throughout August.

We’re happy to kick it off with Hidden Hospitals, The Empty Spaces and Audiences at Fireside Bowl in Chicago.

From there we head to Fort Wayne, Madison, Milwaukee, Wausau, and more. Check here for updates.

Preview and pre-order the CD here. You’ll get a couple tracks right away, and we will mail your copy out on August 3.

The LP comes on split-color “Mending Wall” vinyl with a lyric sheet insert poster. The CD comes in a matte finish digi-pack with a poster as well.

For those of us without cash to spare, it’ll be a free MP3 download here on release day, August 2, 2012.


I suppose I should be grateful that the US Congress has my back. But I know that they aren’t proposing this bill for me (because I don’t “bolster the economy” or “pay taxes” or “contribute to Super PACs”).
Anything that could potentially prohibit my silly little tunes from reaching the ears of someone who might enjoy them, especially at the behest of conglomerate media corporations, is garbage.

Sure, SOPA seems like artistic altruism, protecting inventors and writers. But the only ones it’ll end up protecting are the conglomerates who chew up and spit out the inventors and writers they profit off of.

It could potentially put an end to Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, and many other ways we have come to love sharing and discovering honest and genuine art. Art for the sake of art… and maybe making a buck or two to pay the rent and eat a sammich a day. It’s us little guys who will be caught in the shuffle. And all I want is to play piano and hope it’ll pay for my sammich a day. mmmm, sammich. It’s almost lunch time…

Anyway. I protest the passing of SOPA, and with the full knowledge that this bill’s purpose is to “protect” my financial interest as a professional musician. If you believe that art-for-the-sake-of-art can benefit from free transfer of information on the internet, you should protest too. Wikipedia will help you, they’re blacking out their own site today in protest with information on what you can do.

And by the way, our music is free.
Click here:
Mutts - Pray for Raind

Download We Float EP now!

Mutts - We Float EP

Click to download our new EP in its entirety.

The .ZIP file also has the CD artwork and liner notes.

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