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Mutts - Object Permanence Album Cover
  1. No One Left *
  2. No Loot
  3. Pickpocket
  4. If It's Hot It'll Sell *
  5. Prizefighter *
  6. Out of Tune
  7. Pray Like a Vigilante
  8. Stuck On Me
  9. What Do I Really Know
  10. Bury You *
  11. Uncivilized

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FCC Warning: Tracks 1, 3, 4 (see Track 12 for clean version) & 7

[CD-Only Track 12: If It's Hot It'll Sell (Clean)]

* Chart Performance *
CMJ Top Adds #17, Apr 2, 2013
CMJ Top 200 #149, Apr 30, 2013

About Object Permanence:

Object Permanence came out April 2nd, 2013 on CD, digital and limited-edition 180g translucent gold vinyl.
Mutts supported their new LP on Daytrotter, WGN, NPR's Chicago affiliate WBEZ, Audio Tree Live. It peaked at #149 on the CMJ Top 200 for radio airplay and was named WXRT's Local Anesthetic Best of 2013. After their 30-date release tour in May, a Summer playing festivals and opening for national acts including Murder By Death, Maps & Atlases, Phox, and Company of Thieves, Mutts finished 2013 with over 150 tour dates and sold out of the first pressing of vinyl.
The third full-length Mutts LP and sixth independent release overall, Object Permanence is their first unplugged album. This sound originated at monthly residency shows the trio played in its first two years. The lack of amplification and effects serves to spotlight Maimone's personal lyrical content and songwriting, while maintaining the band's untamed spirit of experimentation.
Object Permanence is the fulfillment of a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign, was recorded and mixed by Manny Sanchez, and features guest musicians from other Chicago-based bands.
The first singles are If It's Hot It'll Sell and Prizefighter:


2014:07:23 : Do312

Top 5 Acts to See at Wicker Park Fest 2014
"Tom Waits this, Tom Waits that… It’s simple, this band is fucking awesome."

2013:12:22 : Big Takeover Magazine

Object is front-loaded with the band's bread and butter: four rollicking New Orleans barrelhouse blues/R&B and ragtime numbers. Early-going ditties like the jaunty, drunken sing-along "No One Left" and the carnival-like romp "If It's Hot It'll Sell" – a poke at mindless consumerism – showcase Maimone's phlegm-expelling, larynx-shredding, propane-gargling howl and sprightly, deep-toned piano/organ playing (he's joined on "If It's Hot" by Lying Delilah's soulful vocalist Jodi Rosenthal).
The album unexpectedly shifts gears from there, adopting a relaxed, late-night smoke-filled jazz/lounge ambience for most of its final two-thirds. The stunning, sentimental standout “Prizefighter” is indeed a prize, finding the hardened Maimone reluctantly absolving a straying girlfriend. On it, his still-hoarse, yet suddenly heartbreaking voice and gorgeous piano melody is accentuated by Hemmingbirds leader Yoo Soo Kim’s sad, swelling viola.
Mark Suppanz | Read Full Article

2013:10:03 : Magnet Magazine

Not many groups get compared to the legendary Tom Waits, but Mutts do, and justifiably so... the band decided to ditch the grit and amplification for third LP Object Permanence and go for a clean sound. The album, recorded live, makes Mutts sound like veteran artists with a fresh set of tools. | View Post

2013:09:13 : Large Hearted Boy

Prizefighter included in Daily Download for blog with 30k+ subscribers | View Post

2013:09:16 : AltSounds

We're excited to premiere Mutts' new video, 'Prizefighter'. The song which is in the vein of artists like Tom Waits and Damien Jurado, features Mutts lead singer/pianist/protagonist, Mike Maimone, who trained for six months with amateur fighters to prepare for his role as an illicit underground fighter. The video was shot over four days, and even edited it in four days, so not only did they have the fighting spirit within the video, they had the fighting mentality to get the video nailed in such a short amount of time. The dedication from Mike going into the video is something you rarely hear about for a band, and it's refreshing to hear about. | View Post

2013:07:18 : Chicago Pride

On the Mutts latest disc Object Permanence, the band shifts gears, becoming a piano/upright bass/drums combo, a fitting transition for a band with a lead singer who sounds like the long lost son of Tom Waits. More innovative than imitative, the songs on Object Permanence leave a permanent mark, an aural tattoo, if you will, on the listener. - Gregg Shapiro | Read Interview

2013:05:21 : Nashville Scene Magazine

Chicago trio Mutts' nimble, funky rhythm section, with Bob Buckstaff on the low notes and Chris Pagnani behind the kit, would be entertaining to watch on its own, but throw in growling, keyboard-wielding frontman Mike Maimone, and you've got a monster on your hands. Their fall 2012 album Separation Anxiety focused on Maimone working through the process of coming out, fueling a stormy blast of garage-revival blues with touches of prog and swampy metal. Scant months later, the group is touring behind a new album that represents a nearly 180-degree shift in style: Object Permanence sees them unplugging their amps and digging into their jazz and blues roots, with Buckstaff scaling back to an upright bass and Maimone focusing on grand piano and organ. Comparisons to Tom Waits are inevitable, but more than just approximating one of Waits' styles or inhabiting one of his many characters, the band members use their own skills and world-weariness to develop an original take starting from Maimone’s perspective, from the bouncing "If It's Hot It'll Sell" to the pointed New Orleans R&B number "Pray Like a Vigilante" to the smoke-wafting closer "Uncivilized." - Stephen Traseger

2013:04:03 : Daytrotter

Mutts Daytrotter Photo Kindly Provoking The Flames | Mutts lead singer Mike Maimone seems like a man who can go from resting, from sitting on the couch experiencing little to nothing, to suddenly having his brain and everything connected to it light up like the Las Vegas Strip, like all of the pull machines and marquees hitting jackpots... He goes from zero to a hundred quicker than most... He'll just throw that barroom piano over into the corner of the room and rowdily bang on it as the flames climb the walls and get into the ceiling, where they can really begin their engulfment.
Mutts music embraces the inner turmoil, the things that are striven for, the ways that we fall short, the ways we're let down, as well as the few things that spark us back onto the right track, even if those are the rare moments, the briefest of comebacks. - Sean Moeller
View Session Page to hear Mutts perform 5 songs, including two from the new LP, Object Permanence.

2013:04:10 : Audio Tree Live

Mutts perform Prizefighter from Object Permanence. See the entire session on Audio Tree Live.

2013:05:28 : WBEZ Morning Shift

Mutts perform a medley of Summertime by Fresh Prince and George Gershwin especially for the Morning Shift Summer Mash-Up Series.

2013:04:21 : WXRT Local Anesthetic

Dialed down but certainly as intense as some of their previous harder rocking efforts, the new Mutts release has some of the bands best songwriting and a sweet reworking of "Prizefighter" which you first heard on Local Anesthetic off a Mike Maimone solo disc in 2008. Maimone is the keyboardist, vocalist and principal songwriter in Mutts but bassist Bob Buckstaff and drummer Chris Pagnani make the music swing. And sway. I describe the Mutts sound on Object Permanence as late-night cabaret meets Tom Waits meets Kurt Weill in a Wiemar Republic speakeasy. It's already perched itself as one of the Anesthetic Best of '13. Enjoy. - Richard Milne

2013:04:02 : WBEZ Morning Shift

With dark lyrics and vocals that sound like unfiltered Camels soaked in whisky, it’s no wonder Time Out Chicago once described the Chicago band Mutts as “Tom Waits fronting a garage band.” Usually plugged in, Mutts will bust out the acoustics to perform songs from their new album, Object Permanence. We’ll talk to the band about the release, and hear some live music.

Mutts talk to Tony Sarabia and perform two cuts from the new LP Object Permanence on NPR's Chicago affiliate, WBEZ 91.5 FM.

2013.04.02 : Maximum Ink Magazine

An entirely unplugged affair, the Chicago trio’s third full-length flips the coin on last year’s amped-up companion, “Separation Anxiety,” stripping down to piano, upright bass and drums for a rowdy, rhythmically rich mix of skid row show-boating highlighting biting blues and hootchie-cootchie boogie. Fleshed-out by contributions from This Is Cinema, Hemmingbirds and Lying Deliah, “Permanence,” lurches from sloppy bullfrog bop to crooning juke-joint stomps, spewing nubile truths beneath ragged bar-room ballads while compiling street-wise asides inside scorching carny bargains. Toddling honky-tonk broncos riding grizzled social missiles over melodic boxer’s logic, Mutts’ gruff constructions creep, leap, and enliven, primed in ivory-tickling testifying dancing to rousing vagabond chronicles. Touring this spring throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Illinois, Mutts’ vibrant live shows are not to be missed.

2013.04.02 :

Chicago's rock trio Mutts is known for gritty, grungy guitar distortions and loud in-your-face blues rock. But on their newest album, Object Permanence, you'll hear none of that. Mike Maimone's guttural vocals take the center of attention, delivering poignant social commentary over stripped down, unplugged arrangements. The band joined Jesse Menendez on The MusicVox to talk about the new songs and the change of sound:

2013.04.01 : Loud Loop Press

Chicago rockers Mutts are leaving the amps at home these days. Listeners can expect the same organ-heavy blues rock set to sparkling piano grooves, which is offset perfectly by frontman Mike Maimone’s own smoky, rough and tumble vocals.

2013:03:29 : National TV Debut on WGN Music Lounge : Watch Video

Mutts perform If It's Hot It'll Sell with help from Lying Delilah's Jodi Rosenthal, from the new LP Object Permanence.

2013:02:06 : Consequence of Sound's Rock it Out:

Mutts perform No One Left, from the upcoming LP Object Permanence.

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Separation Anxiety [Download] [Top]

Mutts - Separation Anxiety
  1. So Many So Many
  2. Washington (Still) Owns People *
  3. Half Mile *
  4. Now Now Now
  5. Uninvited
  6. God, Country, Grave *
  7. Five of a Kind
  8. Apathetic Stars *
  9. Tire Swing Blues *
  10. Separation Anxiety

* Suggested Tracks

FCC Warning: Track 3, Half Mile contains one profanity.

* Chart Performance *

CMJ Top Adds #15

CMJ Top 200 #72

6 consecutive weeks CMJ Top 200

* Review Selections

2013.01.02 : Illinois Entertainer Magazine

Separation Anxiety is a serious recording dealing with profound issues, but that doesn’t mean Mutts simply pump out droning shoegazer ditties. Their self-described grunge/blues sound is energetic (though a skosh schizophrenic), moving from gritty guitar workouts like “Tire Swing Blues” to screamfests such as “Now Now Now.” These 10 cuts (plus an untitled hidden track) are weighty yet worthwhile. ( – Jeff Berkwits

2012.11.07 : Now This Sound is Brave

Elements of rock, hardcore, progressive, thrash, funk, blues all throw in together for a meaty stew in songs that lyrically explore subjects from politics to religion to maintaining a romantic relationship as a touring musician.
It’s a compelling mess (and I mean that in the best way) Mutts are making here, never falling into cookie cutter parameters or imitation. Many of the elements used are familiar, but the direction these elements are taken is not, and that keeps your attention, wondering where Mutts will go next.
Now here’s the part that really excites me: Separation Anxiety was funded in a Kickstarter campaign as part of a double-album deal. The second album, Object Permanence, will be an acoustic album and a sampler listen shows the album running in a vein similar to “So Many, So Many” and “Separation Anxiety”, so keep your ear to the ground for that one. Read Full Review

2012.09.28 : Epitonic

Mutts cover a broad spectrum of blues, from light Southern shuffles to heavy, dirty rock, and singer Mike Maimone adjusts from a gravelly whisper to distorted screaming. View on

2012.08.08 : Playground Misnomer

Mutts is the perfect definition of a weekend-warrior band that might finally break out... Separation Anxiety is an album chock-full of very, very personal songs... Maimone recently came out to his friends and family, and many of his lyrics document his uncertainty of society’s acceptance of homosexuality... Mutts is billed as a blues-rock band – think Tom Waits, Queens of the Stone Age, Murder By Death, and a little bit of The Dead Weather all tossed up and served together – but the lyrical density and intimacy transcend the traditional definition of a blues group... regardless of what musical muscle they may be flexing, Mutts always retains a fantastic, singular raw emotion throughout Separation Anxiety... The prolificity of Maimone and the rest of Mutts is quite incredible, releasing two, potentially three full-length albums inside of a year. I’m excited to see how Object Permanence stacks up to the tracks on its excellent counterpart, and you should be, too. If you’re a fan of hard rock, blues, or anyone with something interesting and important to say, check out Separation Anxiety, along with the rest of Mutts’ discography, at their Bandcamp. The best part is, it’s all available free of charge. Read Full Review

2012.08.01 : Vocalo 89.5FM : Live From Studio 10

Chicago's Mutts create a dirty and heavy blend of grunge and blues combined with singer Mike Maimone's raw and guttural vocals. After playing for years in successful touring bands, Mike and Bob came together to form Mutts and make their own music on their own terms. A few years later and the band had several EP's and two full-lengths in their catalog with yet another on its way, and has gained enough momentum to become a buzz name in Chicago's rock scene.

Pray for Rain [Download] [Top]

Mutts - Pray for Rain
  1. Fool *
  2. Not Ready
  3. DOB
  4. Save Us *
  5. Throwback *
  6. Blind Truth
  7. Done it Again *
  8. Real Bright *
  9. Jesse
  10. Show of the Century
  11. Putting on a Show

* Chart Performance *

CMJ Top Adds #8, Nov 28

CMJ Top 200 #107 for 2 weeks

6 consecutive weeks CMJ Top 200

* Honors *

Huffington Post Top 30 Chicago Albums of 2011 #26 See Full List

The Deli Magazine's Chicago Emerging Artist of 2011

2012.01.13 : Absolute Punk Featured Free Friday Download

* Review Selections *

2012.Spring : The Big Takeover Magazine

Everyone compares Chicago's Mutts' leader Mike Maimone to Tom Waits, and since the singer cops to loving the California cackler, there's no condemning it. That conceded, though Mutts play hometown indie haunts such as Double Door and Empty Bottle, their ancestrial lair lies south of The Loop, from days when New Orleans R&B stars plied black blues joints. When I think Waits, I think Screaming Jay Hawkings, and Maimone howls a lot like the "frenzied" late Jalacy. But his rollicking piano 'n' organ-smackin' funky bayou romps, like the dirty 6/8 totter of "Done it Again," ooze, crawfish-like, like a garage rock clatter inversion of the filé gumo-brown swamp stomp of Professor Longhair, Dr. John, Huey Piano Smith, Eddie Bo, Jessie Hill, and later Ernie K. Doe. Wolfman Jack would have loved Mutts; he and Maimone could howl at the full moon together. - Jack Rabid

2012.04.01 : Alternative Press Magazine View Online Here

2012.02.28 : Electric Panda

The raspy vocals and relentlessly hard blues rock of this Chicago three piece makes a whiskey on the rocks sound better than ever before. It’s the kind of edge and dirty soul that just can’t be faked, so filthy they make The Black Keys seem sterile. Read Full Review

2012.01.07 : Hiawatha Review

Serendipitous music: that’s what I say I want, as if you can put a microphone within fifteen feet of a speaker and suddenly have the magic of CD level crisp, distinct and distinguishing sound. But that’s how I want it to feel. I think the actual goal is resonance. Resonance is what happens when you play the string of one guitar and the similar string of another guitar in the room hums sympathetically without being touched. So, what happens when people hear organic sounds, human sounds, sounds let’s call raw? We resonate. These sounds ring a similar bell somewhere inside us and we hummm.
Ragged and raw is a great way to start to describe the Mutts's warm and atonal form of badass bluesy rock and roll with rollicking dirty piano rolls, fat stand-up bass, fuzzy-filthy guitars, and heavy, jubilant drums. Maybe rich, grimy, or explosive would work too, but with so many angles—so many stories, so many tones and sounds—ragged, raw, explosive, all these words are just a taste, a first-bite, a start to describing something so human. Give it a listen, put it on the speakers, stand in the room, hum. Read Full Review

2012.01.03 : Illinois Entertainer Magazine

"Pray for Rain - free to download - holds off on the bpms, but only so their Tom Waits-meets-Oh My God fists can reload to strike again after your skull rebounds off the wall."
IE Online

2011.12.26 : Radio One Chicago

"Chicago's Mutts released their full-length debut, Pray for Rain, late in 2011, but the album still managed to get the attention of college radio and select blogs before the holidays. We are happy to weigh in on this amazing, if divisive, collection of songs as the year races to a close.
Pray for Rain, like the Mutts stage show, is not for everyone. The album is too thick and greasy for most pop fans. That said, if you like music with some grit and noise, the album flails and lurches with enough gonzo abandon to make one punch-drunk after listening."
Read Full Post

2011.11.30 : Playground Misnomer

"They’ve released consistently great music for a while now, blending the most deranged sensibilities of Tom Waits and Man Man into some sort of nightmarish bluesy post-punk – and it’s never sounded better than it does on their upcoming release, Pray for Rain.
Pray for Rain opens as explosively as it possibly can with “Fool” and from that moment onwards, it becomes clear Mutts aren’t holding anything back on this one. The first time I heard “Fool” it absolutely tore my head off; the fact it still does is indicative of a surprising staying power which is something that often proves to be the downfall of bands that could be (incorrectly) scraped into the “novelty act” tag. However, here the songwriting, musicianship, and arrangements are transcendent enough to avoid that. Every member is a powerhouse at commanding and finessing their individual talent and it shows in abundance at the immediate outset of this album as well as its closing moments, and everywhere in between."
Read Full Post

2011.11.28 : Indie Monday

"I’ve never met a band that fuses so many genres into a sound uniquely their own. You can hear the grunge in the sounds they choose for their instruments, along with the heavy drumming. You can hear King Crimson in the odd time signatures they effortlessly move through. And you can hear Tom Waits meeting Randy Newman in Mike’s whiskey-soaked melodies. The result is a band who has been placed on bills with metal bands (albeit a tad awkward), while also having a residency at Uncommon Ground, a hushed, coffeeshop environment. Nowhere can the range of their sound be heard better than on their new album Pray for Rain, due out in December." Read Full Article

The Tells of Parallels EP [ Download ] [ Top ]

Mutts - The Tells of Parallels EP
    [October 2010]
  1. Terranaut
  2. Symmetry
  3. Gone
  4. Masquerade
  5. Junior

"Maimone’s low, guttural, forbidding voice sets the speed, while heavy, distorto bass and pound-pound-pounding drums channel Blue Cheer, Cream, and Hendrix’s Experience while Maimone introduces his central weapon: forsaking all guitar, his organ is so piercing, loud, harsh, and mean, you don’t notice. Shifting from New Orleans funky rock like “Masquerade” to a Dr. John-goes-Funkadelic hangover like “Junior”, or throwing needles in the red on The Doors’ “L.A. Woman”-on-angel-dust (or steroids!) “Terranaut,” The Mutts will gleefully wreck a bad party—or save it."
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine

"Chicago’s Mutts aren’t playing around. The first aspect of their new EP, The Tells of Parallels, that truly jumps out from the speakers is its pure heaviness. Heaviness in the static-y production value and heaviness in general attitude. Every instrument on the record is mic’ed up to 11: the drums, the bass, the keys, the guitar. Actually, scratch that last one. The trio actually forgoes the guitar and instead relies on a dirty, mud-soaked key tone to drive the melodies. It’s saying something that a band can reach the big rock n’ roll moments of current major acts like Queens Of The Stone Age or the Dead Weather without an axe, but Mutts do and quite effortlessly at that.

The Tells of Parallels is one of those albums that if played at a high volume, the paint on the walls of your one bedroom rental might peel right off. Mutts seem to embrace the low end of the melodic spectrum. Even lead singer Mike Maimone’s vocals are nearly baritone, but his control and ability to hit the notes really flesh out their sound. Then you also have Bob Buckstaff’s fuzz-all-up-in-your-face bass and Chris Faller’s jackhammer drumming that can still sustain a nice groove when the song calls for it.

In five songs, Mutts pretty much let it all hang out. The Tells of Parallels is not only well produced, a few songs are really fleshed out with some quirky overdubs and in-studio chatter, but it works because of it’s simplicity. Mutts never drag. They give it their all in five-minutes or less, and it really works. The band are poised to become one of Chicago’s top acts if they keep pumping out material that’s as good as what The Tells of Parallels has to offer. One word of warning: this record is made for Saturday night party shenanigans, not for the hangover of the morning after, unless you want your swollen head to get even more pounded."
- Richard Giraldi,

We Float EP [ Download ] [ Top ]

Mutts - We Float EP
    [May 2010]
  1. Beggar
  2. We Float
  3. Handcuffs
  4. Mamma's Boy
  5. Let it Be

"Rough-around-the-edges rock filled with melodic riffs and interesting ideas. Right off the start, you're smacked in the face by the riff of "Beggar", a loud, fuzzy and distorted piece of lo-fi goodness. A recommended listen. Give it a go." -

"Mutts has a wonderful rough around the edges quality that makes them seem like a loveable band of misfits." -

"Like a zealous, unruly year-old puppy, their EP We Float runs the rambunctious gamut of influences, spanning jazz, blues, grunge, metal, industrial and rock. Considering the juxtaposed jumble of components, however, Mutts’ combined output is a cohesive sound… If you possess any manufactured pop sensibilities, delicate or otherwise, you may not immediately find too much to latch on to amidst the stripped down production and frenetic, raw vocal stylings. But there’s a brutal honesty buried in the roughness, and the moments where the melodies begin to surface and take hold add just enough suggestion of shine to keep you listening." -

Pretty Pictures EP [ Download ] [ Top ]

Mutts - Pretty Pictures EP
    [October 2009]
  1. Stolen Bricks
  2. Trust
  3. Uncivilized
  4. on the Rope

"The Windy City barrel house piano man is back, hissing and seething like Like Screaming Jay Hawkins in the graveyard, busting out bits of mean dog voodoo R&B."
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine

"You may moan with pleasure listening to Maimone's treasures! Opening and closing with wild tracks that are way more rock and pop than his piano man full length, this is an exciting record by someone to watch out for and enjoy before he sells out and starts writing songs for Disney cartoons in 2023. Because he is Randy Newman good. But not Randy Newman Toy Story 2 bad." - Roctober Magazine