Studio / Kickstarter Update

Here’s a studio journal entry with rough mixes of three new songs:

We have until April 2nd to reach our goal on Kickstarter. Go on, get yerself some new Mutts tunes and extra special goodies:

Also, just to clarify some of the limited edition rewards:
Van Window Dedication: We’ll make one of these Instagram tour van window posts just for you – and if you’re going to be at a show in the next year, you’ll be able to jump in the photo yourself if you’d like. After we post it and dedicate it to you, we’ll email you the big file that saves before it’s uploaded, so you can display it on your own profile, print it out, or make a coffee mug out of it.
Mutts Boxed Sets: We made a few of these for the Object Permanence release show, and they turned out fantastic. So we’ll hand-make and sign just 15 of them, each one unique, including all of the Mutts releases to date.
House shows. These are very special shows, and we don’t get a chance to do them often. It’s really incredible to share our music and stories in the homes of our friends and families. We’ll give all of your guests some free Mutts music as well. No piano or PA required – we’ll bring all the musical equipment we need (which isn’t much), you just provide the space. We can keep it quiet, or we can rock it out. It’s up to you!

God, Country, Grave in Banshee on Cinemax

God, Country, Grave, from our album Separation Anxiety, was featured in the season 2 premier of Banshee on Cinemax. It’s also included on the show’s Season 1 & 2 soundtrack!

God, Country, Grave and Separation Anxiety are available to purchase at:
Amazon MP3
Google Play

They are also streaming on:

Official Music Video:

Township Residency for New Music & Chicago HOPES

Each Monday in February we’re playing a different set of favorites, bringing back some deep cuts, and trying out new songs as we prepare to record our 4th full-length album this winter. Half of your donation at the door plus all sales of the residency poster will go to Chicago HOPES. AND we’re bringing in some of our favorite bands.

Download a mix of all the bands and read more information here.

152nd & Final Show of 2013!

Tonight’s show in Charlotte, NC ends a year of travel,
good times & great friends. Thank you to everyone who
not only made it possible, but made it so fun!
102 full-band shows and 50 shows with Mike as ambassador for Mutts.
In early 2014 we’ll be out less because we’re working on new music,
but we’ll see you out there again soon!
Tonight's show ends a year of travel, good times & great friends. Thanks! @theeveningmuse, 8pm

Festival Weekend

08-08 Appleton, WI – Mile of Music Fest at Anduzzi’s
08-09 Madison, WI – Lost City Music Fest at High Noon Saloon
08-10 Muscatine, IA – Live on 93.1 FM Vintage Sound
08-10 Muscatine, IA – Southside Artisan Fest at The Elms

Photos by Nick Abbate: